Sermon Outlines

Scripture: Acts 6:1-7

Sermon Title: When the Focus is the Word of God

Introduction:  We see in this chapter another serious problem that develops in the church, when a disagreement arises between some of the Greek-speaking Jewish Christians. They complain that their widows are not given a fair share in the daily distribution.  Not wanted to distract from their work of preaching and teaching the people, the apostles ask the whole community to choose seven “known to be full of the Spirit and wisdom” to oversee this ministry. This would allow the twelve to remain free to devote themselves to prayer and the Word of God. In the selection of leaders to assist the Twelve in serving the needs of the people, they were given three important qualifications to look for: First, they were to seek men of “good reputation”, known for having good character and a consistent righteous lifestyle; secondly, they were to look for men living under the influence and in the power of the Holy Spirit; and thirdly, seek those who were wise. Many interpreters describe this passage as the selection of the first deacons, who would serve the physical needs of God’s people, while the apostles addressed the spiritual needs.

Principles we can learn from this passage and apply:  

  1. Treat the the Word of God as the most important thing in the church

  2. Choose Spirit-filled people to take care of the needs of the church

  3. Pray as we proclaim the Gospel of Jesus Christ

  4. When the word of God is the focus, souls will be saved

Scripture Readings

1 Timothy 3:8–13

Numbers 27:18-19

John 1:1–2

John 1:14

John 3:16–17

Philippians 2:8–11

Philippians 2:8–11

Romans 10:9

Scripture: Acts 7: 8-60; 7:1-7

Sermon Title: Praying for Those That Persecute Us

Introduction: In Acts Chapters 6 and 7, we're given the account of Stephen witnessing to the people concerning Christ. Stephen was one of the men selected to serve as one of the seven deacons. Stephen’s testimony concerning  Jesus is so powerful that in their frustration and anger the people seize and bring him before the Sanhedrin.  Even going so far as to arrange for perjured testimony to be given against him. In his defense, Stephen gives them the history of Israel’s relationship with God, using this to demonstrate that their reaction is nothing new, because from the Old Testament the Hebrew people have always resisted the Lord. In order to silence them, their ancestors had killed the prophets; now they had betrayed and murdered their Messiah. The people became so incensed that they began to stone Stephen. During His killing, Stephen  looks towards heaven and announces that he sees the Glory of God and Jesus standing at God’s right hand in heaven. Hearing this, the yelling crowd drags him out of the city, where they stone Stephen to death. Stephen responds by calling on God to receive his spirit and to forgive their sins.

Principles we can learn from this passage and apply:  

  1. The enemy is no match for the wisdom and Spirit of God

  2. Stand on the truth of the scriptures, when we stand on the truth, people will hate us,  lie on us and convince others to believe their lies

  3. Don't stop sharing the Gospel, there will always be people who resist the Holy Spirit and the truth of Jesus Christ

  4. Remember that the truth of the Gospel will either draw men unto repentance or drive them into rage

  5. Pray for those that persecute you

Scripture Readings

Luke 21:15

John 2:19–21

Mark 13:1–2

Matthew 5:17

1 Peter 4:14

Luke 12:8

Psalm 31:5

Matthew 10:28

Luke 12:4

Matthew 5:44

Scripture: Acts 8: 1-8

Sermon Title: Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Introduction: The murder of Stephen set off a chain reaction of persecution against the church. This drives all of the disciples except the apostles  from Jerusalem and they scatter throughout the land of Judea and Samaria.  In Chapter 8, we're given another account of one of the seven men chose as a deacon to serve the congregation. Philip, described as Philip the Evangelist, was listed immediately after Stephen in the list of the chosen seven (Acts 6:5). These men were entrusted with the daily ministration of food and donations so as to remove all suspicion of partiality.  After the murder of Stephen and the persecution of the church that followed, caused all of the disciples to scatter and Philip  was among them. This scattering resulted in the spread of the gospel to non-Jewish regions. Philip went to the city of Samaria. 

Principles we can learn from this passage and apply:  

  1. Don't quit when facing persecution, God will use persecution to bring glorify to himself, to accomplish His purposes in our lives, and to bring others to Christ

  2. Never give up on sharing the gospel, even when the enemy seems to be winning

  3. Never forget that the Gospel of Jesus is able to heal, deliver and set free

  4. Remember that our job does not come from this world

Scripture Readings

Acts 26:10-11

Galatians 1:13

Philippians 1:12-13

Acts 21:8

John 4:34-38

1 Peter 1:8

Luke 2:10-11

Matthew 28:7-8

Luke 10:20

Scripture: Acts 9: 1-22

Sermon Title:  Jesus is Able to Save Anybody Christ

Introduction: Chapter 9 marks an unmistakable turning point in  the book of Acts.  The Apostle Paul (Saul) gradually becomes the prominent figure as the gospel spreads even more to the Gentiles. In this text, we find Saul determined to destroy those who are following the teachings of Christ, going as far as obtaining letters from the high priest that authorizes him to seize anyone he finds at Damascus, and bring them back to Jerusalem.  But his plans are blocked when he has a Divine visit from the Lord while on the road to Damascus.  He is blinded and without sight for three days, he doesn't eat or drink.  Meanwhile Ananias, a disciple, is commanded in a vision from the Lord to go and speak to Saul, and restore his sight. Ananias is obedient and goes and lays his hands on him, and he receives his sight and is filled with the Holy Spirit, and is baptized.  Afterwards Saul spends a few days with the Christians at Damascus, goes to the synagogues, and immediately proclaims Christ, and confounds the Jews.

Sermon Principles:  

  1. The enemy will try to destroy the church

  2. When they persecute us for Christ sake , they are persecuting Jesus

  3. When we believe in Jesus , our life will never be the same

  4. Sometimes while we are calling on the Lord, he is answering our prayers

  5. We have been chosen to suffer for Christ

  6. We have to proclaim and stand on the truth of Jesus Christ

Scripture Readings

John 14:6

Acts 26:13

1 Corinthians 12:27

Matthew 25:45

John 15:16

Luke 14:27

Matthew 10:38-39

1 Peter 2:20-21

Acts 18:28


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